I came across this today and actually had to choke back spitting my coffee all over my keyboard. We get these same emails and so do our clients. In the beginning I took offense. It made my blood boil that we play by the rules and these guys should have to as well. I have often thought it would be more effective if they could tell me what keywords I was trying to rank for.
too many web spammers
The reason I have issue with it is because it often times brings fear into our clients hearts until we show them their keywords that they have contracted with us to rank. It takes time out of their day and ours as well. It is obvious they don’t know how to market. Anyone who is attempting to deceive and confuse someone so you can gain business is in the wrong.

Another of these low tactics is to trick you into thinking your domain name is going to expire and your domain registry company is doing you a favor by sending you out a notice. One company that has been in the news and accused of deceptive practices is Domain Registry of America. The notice is written in the tone or language to lead you to believe it is registered with them and for a fee they will renew it. However they more or less trick you into transferring the domain registrar over to them at inflated fees. If you ever see something like this I think it best to ignore it, but maybe pass it along to your marketing team, but let me emphasis the point that you should know when your domain name is going to expire and who the domain registrar is.


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