This past week, Google announced they were changing their algorithm – again.  Mobile Friendly Websites
But this time it’s a bit expected, and it’s also interesting to note they are actually warning us ahead of time. This rarely happens, which leads me to believe one thing. The change is going to be significant.

So what’s the fuss about this time? Mobile Friendly Websites of course.
With users searching the internet roughly 60% of the time on mobile devices, and 80% of people owning mobile devices, we can no loner ignore the statistics. It’s time for a mobile friendly site, and not just a makeshift one, but a genuine mobile responsive site that is not only beautiful, but useful.
How many times have you been directed to a site that basically just shrinks down to mobile window size and leaves you the user, pinching and zooming and scrolling and squinting?   Too many!

With the announcement from Google, we know it’s coming down the pipeline. They have been testing different “mobile friendly” classifications in their searches for a while now.

The time is now, so let us know if this is something you need and we would be happy to show you a portfolio of beautiful & successful mobile devices. If you aren’t quite sure if your site is mobile friendly or not- Google has given us a tool to check!


Contact Us if this is something you have been needing. We pride ourselves on developing some of the best sites around alongside top notch customer service.

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