We hope you’ve had a great start to 2019!

With the new year comes new changes and updates withing the digital world. Among those updates this year, is the need for Privacy Policy’s on every site.

Under new federal regulations, every website is now required to list on their site a Privacy Policy to notify visitors of any cookies or data that will be gathered during their visit.

We wanted to inform you of few options that can help make sure that your sites are compliant with the changes that are now in effect this year.

Cookie Notification

WordPress offers a free Cookie Notice Plugin allows you as a business owner to:

– Customize the message that visitors will receive once landing on your site,
– Redirect visitors to your Privacy Policy page for more information on Cookies
– Provide a link to Privacy Policy page
– WordPress Privacy Policy page synchronization
– Select the position of the cookie message box
– Dismiss the message box after cookie is accepted
– Select bottons style
– Set the text and bar background colors

If you are interested in getting this plug in installed on your site, please contact your sales rep.

Privacy Policy

Regardless of the functionality of your site, each site is now mandated to have a Privacy Policy. Not all privacy policies are the same. Depeding on what services are provided or offered off of your site, different clauses and sections will be needed. A generic Privacy Policy Generate can be found here. This offers a quick solution to getting a privacy policy up and in place.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep.