We hope you’ve had a great start to 2019! With the new year comes new changes and updates withing the digital world. Among those updates this year, is the need for Privacy Policy’s on every site. Under new federal regulations, every website is now required to list on their site a Privacy Policy to notify […]

Recently, Google announced they were changing their algorithm – again. Again. This isn’t considered a major algorithm change for Google and as a matter of fact only appears on mobile. Note that. So what is this new change? It’s a product called Google Destinations, and it’s a game changer for the travel and tourism industry. […]

This past week, Google announced they were changing their algorithm – again.   But this time it’s a bit expected, and it’s also interesting to note they are actually warning us ahead of time. This rarely happens, which leads me to believe one thing. The change is going to be significant. So what’s the fuss […]

Literally – It’s Search Engine Optimization I have had clients ask me “But what does SEO get me?” so in plain and simple non-techy language I am going to explain just ‘What is SEO.’ So, What is SEO Already? – It’s getting your website to show up in Search Engines! Your average internet user isn’t […]